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I want to share some of the wonderful letters I have received from teachers and students through the distant learning program. I’m sorry that I can’t include all of the letters that I have received. I read every letter (more than once). I really appreciate all of the teachers and students that have taken the time to write to me! The letters are priceless! Thank you!

Thank you for coming to our school and taking time to answer our questions. My favorite part of Walnut Grove is when Bucky called Sammy raccoon eyes. That was a mean thing to say but Bucky learned his lesson when he was the only one not swimming. The lesson I learned was…don’t tease people or they will tease you back. 
My favorite part of I DOUBLE Dare You was when Silly and Sassy started a stick fight. That was very DANGEROUS! The lesson in that story was to take responsibility for your actions.

From, Sheila - Mrs. Pelczarski’s 3rd grade class-Peck Elementary   

Thank you for letting me know about teasing. I liked when you say the water is deep. I hope kids learn about teasing and never tease anyone.

Thanks again, Chanel-2nd grader-Warren Consolidated

It was the best book that I read. Thank you Mrs. Lehman for teaching me a lesson. I will not tease anyone. I hope you write more books because I need to learn more about it. Bucky learned his lesson by teasing Sammy.

From, Lesley-3rd Grader-Peck Elementary

Thank you for taking time to answer our questions. My favorite book is I DOUBLE Dare You. I like it because you can learn a lesson. I like Adventures at Walnut Grove because you learn not to make fun of people.

Sincerely, Jeremy- 2nd grader-Jefferson Elementary

Thank you for your time and effort for writing books. You are a role model because you write good learning books. Thank you for answering my question. You are bucket filler. You have a good mother-in-law because she draws beautiful pictures.

Sincerely, Meta F. - Mrs. Pelczarski’s 3rd grade class-Peck Elementary • P.S. I love your books!

Thank you! Your books are awesome. The lesson I learned is to never follow your friends, and not to tease anybody. My favorite part of I DOUBLE Dare You is when Woody saves Bucky. I really like your books!

From, Alex Hayton-Mrs. Pelczarski’s 3rd grade class -Peck Elementary

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to interview you. This is the first interview with a real author for our second grade class. We enjoyed reading Adventures at Walnut Grove and I DOUBLE Dare You!  We liked hearing how you named your characters and how you made Sammy unique by giving him raccoon eyes. It is interesting that your books are about learning lessons because we need to learn lessons too. 
Please let your mother-in-law know how much we enjoyed her illustrations. The drawings are really well done. We wish we could draw like that. You are lucky to have her as your illustrator. We look forward to reading the sequel to I DOUBLE Dare You! We want to find out what happens to Silly and Sassy at Walnut Grove during the rest of their vacation.

Sincerely, Debbie Tomich and her second grade class at Ardmore

Thank you for sharing your books. We enjoyed asking you questions and hearing your answers. We all liked reading them. We are anxiously waiting to read your new book.

Sincerely, Mrs. Sedore’s 2nd grade class

Thank you very much for coming to Princeton. I loved when you talked about your illustrator (mother-in-law) and…well I loved everything you talked about. But I loved it very, very much when you talked about your inspiration for Sammy, Silly and sword fighting! It was very inspirational. I made my own theme of I DOUBLE Dare You! I think it is great! I can even draw my own pictures (not very well though). Out of the other four or five authors that came to Princeton, they didn’t inspire me to be an author. But you did! I’m saying I want to write books when I grow up.

Your #1 fan, Sydney Smith- Princeton Elementary

My favorite character is Sammy the squirrel because he is always honest.

From, Taylor- South River Elementary

I like your books. I think they are awesome! I think you should keep writing books. Your lessons in your books really make people want to be nice and not be mean. I think you should keep writing books. Your books are awesome!

Sincerely, Ray- Mrs. Torpey’s second grade class- Patton Elementary

I was pleased with the presentation you gave. I love your books! I can’t wait to see the next one. I have made several stories myself. If you are interested next time, I will read one.

Yours truly, Shelby Wunderlich – Mrs. Torpey’s second grade class- Patton Elementary

I really enjoyed asking you questions. Also being able to talk to you. You are the second author I’ve met.  You make really good books. I want to be a good author like you some day.

Sincerely, Connor Fox- Mrs. Danielle’s second grade- Princeton Elementary

I really enjoyed your books. My favorite part of Adventures at Walnut Grove is when Buckey learned his lesson and I also liked the end. My favorite part in I DOUBLE Dare You! was the end. You make good endings. Listening to your books makes me want to be an author.

Sincerely, Alyson Renock- Mrs. Danielle’s second grade class- Princeton Elementary

I really enjoyed meeting you on Tuesday. I think that you write really good books. I think it’s good that you teach a lesson in each book. I really liked I DOUBLE Dare You! I hope you keep writing books with lessons in them.

Sincerely, Madison- Mrs. Danielle’s second grade class- Princeton Elementary

Thank you for connecting with our class for our distant learning program. I liked your books. How long did it take? Was it fun? Your books are cool. I DOUBLE Dare You is a cool book.Adventures at Walnut Grove is a cool book. You should write more books. You have good writing and good pictures. I like Sammy with his raccoon eyes.

Zak – Mrs. Grassi’s second grade class- Violet Elementary

Thank you for connecting to us and answering our questions. I like how you made the book I DOUBLE Dare You so interesting. I’m glad that you wrote the book about teasing so people won’t tease anymore.  Some people still tease but they will learn their lesson.

From, Madison Iannucci –Mrs. Grassi’s second grade class- Violet Elementary

“Your books inspire me. I really thought meeting you and talking to you was fun.”

Love Rachel B.

“Dana your books inspire me. You make me talk and talk about your books.”


“Thank you for letting us ask questions. I am in 2nd grade. I want to be an author when I grow up.”
 Cady R

“I like your books because you took the time to write them. And you revised it fifty times. You inspired me to write books. Now me and my sister are writing a book. Thank you Dana Lehman. Bye.

“I like your books because you don’t want people teasing. And you write good books. I like your books. I am going to write a book when I am twenty years old.”

Andrew S

 “You have inspired me to want to be an author. Thank you for answering all the questions.”

Jenna C.

“Thank you Dana Lehman. Your books are so good. I hope we can see you again. Your books are the best books I have ever read. When your other books come out, I will get it. Thank you for spending your time at Emerson!!!


“Thank you for spending your time talking to us instead of doing your work.”

Love, Sarah

“Thank you Dana Lehman. I hope nobody teases you.”



I have also participated in a program called ASK, which is an acronym for Author, Specialist, Knowledge.  In the ASK process, teachers read my book to their students.  Then the students write in their journal about their perceptions on what is happening to the characters in the book.  Then they develop questions based on their journals that they would like to ask me.  Finally, using video conferencing technology, they connect me to the students who then get a chance to ask their questions.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments. I would love to hear from you! Join our mailing list and we will e-mail you or send you a postcard when our next book is released.

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